Tournament Rules


The Tournament of Champions will follow National High School Federation rules, with these exceptions:

  1. All bouts will be one 3-minute period in length.
  2. If wrestlers should go out-of-bounds, or if there is a lack of mat activity, they will be brought back to a neutral starting position.

2a. Beginning in 2018, we will be using the college out of bounds rule. Wrestling will continue until all parts of both wrestlers are out of bounds, OR for the safety of the wrestlers.

  1. 12 point technical fall.
  2. Sudden Death Overtime
  3. Minimum rest time between matches will be 15 minutes.
  4. A maximum 90 seconds and two injury time-outs are allowed during a  match.  A third injury time-out ends the match.  Blood time is 5 min. maximum.
  1. A maximum of two persons will be permitted in each wrestler's corner.
  2. Headgears are encouraged, but not required.
  3. Questioning the officials judgement, 1st offense - warning, 2nd offense - one point, 3rd time - coach is out of the tournament.
  1. Unsportmanlike conduct by coaches, 1st offense - 1 team or match point.  2nd offense - Coach is out of the tournament.
  1. Flagrant misconduct (coaches or wrestlers): out of tournament  - 1st offense.

OVERTIME RULES (starting in 2018)

If score is tied at the end of the first 3 minute period:

  1. A second 3 minute sudden victory period will be wrestled
  2. If still tied, a stalling warning will be given to both wrestlers which could result in one wrestler receiving a point, thus ending the match.
  1. If still tied a second 3 minute period will be wrestled. If still tied, criteria will be:
    1. Any unsportmanlike penalties
    2. Least amount of stalling warnings
    3. Most Backpoints
    4. Most Takedowns
    5. First point scored
    6. If still tied, match will continue until one wrestler has scored a point.
    7. All Championship (1st-7th place) matches will run with an unlimited overtime period.


We will use the wrestling rules of the Individual Tournament. The only change is that if a match is tied, after the three minute regulation period, as well as well as a one minute overtime period, they match will be decided by the following criteria:

Any Unsportsmanlike Points

Any penalty points (stalling, etc…) against

Most near fall points

Most takedowns

Most reversals

Most escapes

Any stalling warnings

If all above is equal, then the match will be considered tied (Note: We are exploring ways to someone determine a winner, in the event of a tie match)



Pin, Forfeit, Default - 6 points

Tech Fall (12+ Points) - 5 points

Major Decision (8-10 points) - 4 points

Regular Decision - 3 Points

Tie-2 points Per Team



Number of Individual Match Victories

Least Number of Unsportsmanlike Points

Most Falls

Most Tech Falls

Most Decisions

Most Takedowns

Most Near Fall Points

Least Number of Stalling Points

Least Number of Stalling Warnings

Fastest Fall


Number of Dual Meet Wins

In Case of a tie, Head to Head Dual will determine placement

If three way tie, then total Team Score Advantage, between the tied teams, will determine placement.



If a Dual Meet lasts less than 50 minutes then we will allow a two (2) exhibition matches.

Any additional exhibition matches would be at the discretion of the assigned Mat Officials.


  1. All registrations for the Ohio Tournament of Champions must begin on the tournament web site. Applications returned that are filled out by hand will not be accepted.
  2. By submitting an application, I understand that the information that I submit will be considered as correct information and that if information is found not to be true, that my application may not be approved.
    1. No personal, business or club checks will be accepted. Only money orders or cashiers checks will be accepted.
  3. Beginning in 2011, the TofC is no longer requiring that a copy of proof of date of birth be sent in, in order for an entry to be approved. HOWEVER, all participants should bring a copy with them to the actual event, in case they are challenged. Failure to do so could result in disqualification from the event.
  4. The anticipated date of closure, (listed on the website), is a guestimate at best. The past several years has seen the tournament close out well before this date. Complete registration rules/guidelines can be found on the website by clicking Tournament Information on the main page.
  5. In terms of bracketing procedures, past champions and returning place winners (top 3) are separated as best as possible and wrestlers from the same state are also separated. Other than that, we utilize a blind draw.
  6. Membership Cards: Beginning in 2011, we are no longer requiring that participants have an AAU card (or a card of any other organization) to compete in the TofC, as we have gone with an independent insurance carrier. Because of this, a $5 fee, per wrestler, will be added to their invoice total.
  7. All weight changes must occur by 11:59 p.m. (EST) on the weight deadline date listed on the website and all changes must be done via the web site. This allows the tournament committee to know numbers of wrestlers in each weight class. Late weight changes may be accepted after this time, but at a substantial penalty. Updated information, regarding this, may be found on the home page, under Tournament Information.
    1. All wrestlers will weigh-in wearing their wrestling uniform (singlet or t-shirt and shorts).
  8. While wrestlers are encouraged to bring along a current doctor's note in the case of any communicable skin diseases, the tournament doctor and medical staff on site will have the final say in all such matters.
  9. All entries (regular mail, overnight mail, FedEx, UPS, Airborne, etc...)
    need to be sent to:
    Tournament of Champions
    8138 Kingfisher Lane
    Pickerington, OH 43147
    Please waive the signature requirement.
    ***All entries sent via mail, or overnight services, need to be postmarked by April 1 of the current year. After that date, unless prior permission has been given, need to be sent via PayPal.
  10. Once the event has reached its initial close out date, additional entries may be accepted, up until the Wednesday prior to the event, at a substantial penalty. NO entries will be accepted at the event site. Updated information, regarding this, can be found on the home page, under Tournament Information. totally closed out, all remaining letters (applications) received will simply be marked: event closed - return to sender. Express mail and overnight delivery service packages will simply be refused.
  11. If your application is turned down , or refused, you will receive your money order/cashiers check back. As the remitter, you can take it back to your bank to cash it. Please note that it often takes a bit longer Return to envelopes to be delivered back to you. If you paid via Paypal, then that is how the money will be refunded.
  12. If the event reaches its maximum capacity, then the Tournament Committee will be called upon to decide on the final entries. Be aware that how this committee decides on the final spots is their decision only. I am not privy to their thoughts. They may choose weights that need kids (and may also turn away kids in weights that don't need kids); age groups that need kids (to balance out the morning/afternoon sessions); kids with exceptional records; past placers; local kids; far away kids, etc... Understand that it is NOT always the best wrestlers that get in.
  13. Understand that calling to make a plea that your entry be accepted does no good. I am not on this committee and do not forward that type of information to the members that are. Besides, I have heard every excuse in the book.
  14. A complete listing of the  refund policy can be found under Tournament Information, on the Home Page..
  15. The tournament reviews and looks at additional/fewer weights at the completion of each year's tournament. Those listed on the site are current for this year's event. In addition, only a Cadet wrestler, and then only if he is in the 9th or 10th grade, may elect to wrestle up one age group. All other wrestlers must wrestle in the age group that corresponds to their birth year, unless a weight class is not offered for them.