How to Register & Pricing


  1. Click on "Register Here" Button
  2. Click on Register for Individual Tournament
  3. You will be redirected to the Flo Registration Ohio TofC site
  4. Create account (if need be)
  5. Enter all Information
  6. Confirm Registration
  7. Click on Add More Registrants, if need be (see below)
  8. Enter Payment Info
  9. Submit

***You will be sent a confirmation e-mail once this is completed

MULTIPLE FAMILY ENTRIES (from the same household)

Unfortunately, Flo Wrestling does not have a way to do Family Discounts on its Registration Site. So, if entering more than one wrestler from the same family (they need to reside in the same household in order to receive the discount), then you must register them as normal and then, once paid,  contact us, at and we will be able to go in and process the refund.

Otherwise, we will do our best to try to catch those that have multiple family entries and process the refund within one business week after payment has been made.


  1. Click on Team Dual Button
  2. This will redirect you to
  3. Fill out info and pay the deposit for each team you are entering (max of one team per Division)
  4. Within one day, you will receive an e-mail with a link to enter your rosters
  5. Initial rosters are due by the Wednesday preceding the event (for 2022, this is April 20)
  6. Changes after April 20 will be allowed, but need to be submitted, prior to 7:30 am, on the morning of the event (April 25), to the Head Table.


Boy’s Division $75
Girl’s Division $65 (only $55 if registering with another family member in the Boy’s Division)
Open Division $55
All additional family members are $55
***If you are paying for more than one individual, who resides in the same household, you have one of two options:, to receive your discount:
1. Pay the fees on line and then message us and we will do a refund (I am trying to catch them as they come in, but sometimes it is tough, especially if the siblings have different last names).
2. Contact us ahead of time and I can give you an alternate way of paying for them.
***Basically the highest cost wrestler is $75 and all additional would adjust to $55
Dual Meet Only $50 or $42 on line (in addition to the Team Fee paid to the Coach) - see below

*Wrestlers that will be competing in the Dual Meet portion of the event only will need to pay an additional  $50 fee (payable on the registration site for a discounted price of $42 (includes processing fee), at the event. This is due to the fact that we do not charge any gate admission or coaches fees and also helps to cover the fees of the facility, officials, table help and awards.

For families with multiple wrestlers,  (same household), that need to pay this fee, please contact us for a discounted price for more than one wrestler.

Wrestlers that register for the Dual Meet event only, and that have paid their $42 fee on-line, and that are not picked up by a Dual Meet Team, will receive a full refund of the fee (less a $2 processing fee).

***Wrestlers that compete in both the Individual & Dual meet events will not have to pay this additional fee. 

Note: Girl’s may do both the Girls and Boys Division in 2022, due to the fact that the awards will be different.