2022 Special Guests


Johnni DiJulius & Lance Ringnold

Besides bringing back mats for wrestlers that go two and out, we will also be holding FREE clinics throughout the Individual Tournament, in 2022.

The Individual Tournament Wrestling will take place on the football field, while the two and outs, and also the FREE clinics, will take place on mats that will be on the basketball courts, and which will also be used for the Duals, on Sunday.

Plans are for these 30-40 minute clinics to be held every hour, with one hour being a wrestling technique clinic and the next hour being a strength/conditioning clinic.

We are proud to announce that our Wrestling Technique Clinician is scheduled to be:

- Johnni DiJulius - 4X NCAA Qualifier for Ohio State -

3X Ohio TofC Champion
3X Ohio State High School Champion
4X NCAA Qualifier
We are proud to announce that our second guest clinician at the 2022 Ohio Tournament of Champions will be 2X Olympic (1988 1992) Gymnast Lance Ringnald.
- Lance Ringnald - 2X US Olympic Gymnastics Team Member -

Along with Johnni DiJulius doing wrestling technique sessions, Lance will give clinics on strength and flexibility. Lance is also a world class juggler and will show off some of those skills as well.

These 30-40 minute clinics will take place each hour (Johnni DiJulius one hour and Lance Ringnald the next), throughout the day on Saturday, April 23 and will be free to all TofC participants.

More information on Lance Ringnald:

Lance Ringnald is a retired American gymnast who participated in the 1988 Olympics. As a 16-year-old, Ringnald moved to New Mexico to train at a local club, Gold Cup Gymnastics. In 1988, Ringnald, at 18, was the youngest male member of a U.S. Olympics Team since 20 years before. At that competition, Ringnald made the all around finals, where he placed 35th. In 1989, he was a member of the US men's World Team.

In 1990, at the Goodwill Games, he had one of his best international results, earning a gold medal on the high bar and bronze medals in the all around and parallel bars. In 1991, he was again a member of the men's World Championships team. That same year, he suffered a torn chest muscle (pectoralis major). One of his few injuries requiring surgery, it happened 10 months before the 1992 Olympics. Ringnald was able to make the 1992 team (as an alternate), which he was grateful for. In 1993, he was again a member of the men's World team, but, later that year, he retired from competition.

Since his retirement, Ringnald has been a cruise ship entertainer, combining gymnastic performance with discussion of his experiences as well as juggling.